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All of our therapy services are fully remote to provide you with the best help at your convenience. We have all been adjusting to the new reality brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, but our services have adapted and moved online to help you. Focusing on maintaining your physical health makes it easy to neglect your mental health, but it is very important to give priority to your emotional well-being as well. We are here to support both your physical and your mental health with our teletherapy services.

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Couples/Marriage & Family Counseling:  

  • Infidelity in women
  • Infidelity in men
  • Difficult break up
  • Divorce
“Attachment + Caring + Intimacy = Perfect love towards yourself and others”

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is when you use legal or illegal substances too much or; in the wrong way. These drugs have chemicals that can change how your body and mind work.

If you are currently suffering from substance abuse, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.

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Individual Therapy

You may be experiencing stress or feelings of anxiety as a result of the disrupted aspects of our daily lives. Feeling lonely, depressed, distressed, concerned, and having difficulties in your relationships or coping is completely normal in our current circumstances. People react differently to stress – we are ready to work with you to address the specific issues that you may be struggling with. We are equipped to help you work through your emotions and cope with these challenges.


Couples/Marriage & Family Counseling:  

Happy, fulfilling marriages are consistently linked in studies to a greater sense of well-being and health. However, divorce rates continue to hover around 50%, with many more couples unsatisfied with their relationships. Couples counseling covers areas including: sexual problems, financial stress, communication problems, domestic violence, cultural factors, religion, infidelity, and health and age related concerns. Our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Joanna Baez, is well-equipped and experienced with the latest research findings and techniques to help you achieve positive relationship changes. We will help you learn healthy communication skills, set realistic expectations, build intimacy, parenting skills, productive conflict resolution strategies, as well as practice these new patterns of interaction under the caring guidance of our sensitive mental health professional. We also offer premarital counseling to any couple that is committed to work on strengthening their bond, working on differences, and looking into the future for any possible difficulties that may arise.

We also provide individuals and couples with the opportunity to explore either rebuilding a relationship or considering separation and divorce. We assist clients and guide them with making decisions, encourage them to work through their feelings of loss, fear, and anger, and educate them on the process and effects of separation and divorce. Children receive special consideration to their needs, as we also help them understand and express their feelings, adapt to new situations such as separate household/stepfamilies, and hold open communication with both parents. Formerly married individuals are given the necessary guidance to learn to live as single persons and parents, as well as develop the necessary trust to form new relationships in due time. Divorced parents are given assistance for co-parenting their children in a healthy manner for all.